Set Your Goal

Goals are very important to keep you motivated to work out and keep fit. MyRockFitness not only estimates the calories you'll burn as you exercise, it also lets you set goals of how many minutes you want to work out each day.

By default it sets a daily goal of 15 minutes of aerobics exercise, usually around 150 to 200 calories. But you can set any goal you like by clicking the "Settings" button on the main page.

As you're working out, you'll notice a bar at the top that will tell you how far you've progressed and how much you have left. When the bar is full, you've reached your goal!

Once you reach your goal, it'll give you a nice certificate that you can share through your favorite social media (such as Facebook or Twitter). Share it so others can see if they can beat you! That way you can make it a group activity each day. And this is a great way to introduce others to the joy of exercising, worshiping and listening to great music.

Some people ask us how we estimate the calories that are burned. This is done through an algorithm that monitors what's being instructed, looks at 10 second snapshots of exercise, and based on the number of jumps, steps and lunges it will look at what calories you would burn doing similar exercises, and then add that on to your running total. Of course it's not perfect, assumes you're following the way it instructs, and certainly shouldn't be relied upon. But it's a useful guide and sure helps you stay motivated!

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