How Do I Use It?

MyRockFitness was built to provide a way to exercise wherever you are.

Playing it on a laptop might be the easiest option - just find a place where you won't disturb anyone, and rock out! If you need better speakers, there are plenty of portable bluetooth speakers you can easily attach to your laptop.

But if you need to be more mobile than that, you can also just play it on your phone - even though it'll use one of your hands, you'll be able to workout anywhere you want!

Alternatively you can ChromeCast it from your laptop to your TV. If you do this, you may need to change the settings and adjust the Lag Compensation setting as we discuss below (set it to 2, usually).

Another option is to use the web browser on your TV, if it has one. Some newer TVs have a web browser that is fast enough to support YouTube, so try it out you might be lucky!

Yet another option is to get a mini projector and use that, so your whole family or group of friends can do it.

If you find that your device can't quite cope with some of the effects such as the flashing background, you can turn these off in the Settings page. The "Lag Compensation" can also be set if the arrows don't seem to be in sync with the music - just set it to a value like 1 or 2 and see if it fixes the problem.

There are tons of options, and no excuses! - so get working out today!

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