What's MyRockFitness?

MyRockFitness is a great new way to exercise to inspiring and spiritually uplifting music! MyRockFitness is your source of strength for your body, heart and soul.

We all need to be healthy and stay healthy. Exercise brings so many benefits: it reduces depression, reduces the risk of disease and sickness, makes us feel and look great, helps with sleep, makes us more energetic, makes us stronger - the list is practically endless! Music, too, has many benefits: it reduces stress, it can change our mood, it helps us feel emotionally connected, and can be a great motivator!

But there's no greater joy in life than finding true spiritual fulfillment through finding faith in God. So what could be better than combining all three?!

That's precisely what MyRockFitness aims to do. It provides uplifting music, challenging exercise instructions choreographed to that music, all with a message that brings us closer to God and lead us to greater spiritual fulfillment. Just spend 15 minutes a day doing 4 or 5 songs and you'll feel amazing in no time, and all the more connected to our faith.

Just select a song from the list, click play, and as the foot images scroll up the screen and hit the gray bar, place your foot into that position. Once you practice a little, it'll be second nature and you'll be burning those calories in no time!

Don't like the song? Just go back to the main page and select another, it'll keep the calories you burned so far. Keep an eye on the number of flames on each song - these tell you how demanding the song will be. Start out with 1-2 flames, and try to aim towards a 4-5 flame song for maximum benefit.

And remember, stretch first and don't push yourself too hard! Always make sure you're healthy enough to exercise before starting. If you're not sure, check with your doctor.

We add songs frequently, and randomize the order each day so you'll find it easy to find new songs to try out. Have a song suggestion? Email us and we'll see if we can add it for you.

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